-- Juniors and Seniors are encouraged to sign up for the ACT National Test Date-- Saturday, Dec. 12th at South Plains College.  The deadline to signup is Nov. 20th.   Students do have to go to South Plains College to take the test.  www.Act.org to sign up and students should stop by the counseling office to see if they qualify for a waiver.



Monday, Nov. 30th, Representatives from South Plains College financial

aid office will be here to help seniors and their parents with the FAFSA.

Remember all seniors must complete a FAFSA this year; It is a graduation requirement.  The FAFSA opened Oct. 1.

If you can bring the following information with you or have your parents bring the information with them, you should have the best advising/help with completing your FAFSA possible.  There is a sign up sheet in the counseling office to allow you to sign up for a specific time for your parents between 9:00 and 3:00.


You will need to bring the following items to complete your FAFSA.

--Parent and Student FSA ID’s, Students and Parents may apply for FSA ID on studentaid.gov website.

--Social Security Number

--Alien Registration Number

--2019 Federal Tax Information or Tax Returns and or W2’s if they did not file a return.

--Untaxed Income Records

--Cash, Savings and Checking Account Balances,

--Investments other than the House in which you live.




Nov. 12th  Seniors will make-up the TSI-Accuplacer in Math.

Nov. 12th Make-up for current dual credit students for TSI-Accuplacer in Reading and Writing.   


Make-up for the TSI-Accuplacer in Reading and Writing for Seniors TBD


Teachers who will help with TSI Accuplacer


Julie McLendon will administer the retests.