The Homecoming festivities for 2019 have been set by Student Council. The theme for Homecoming this year is "Know Your Roots". A variety of activities have been planned for Homecoming...

Creating works of art from downed tress is not a common skill. The ability to turn the damage effects of a storm into a work of art is something to be admired. And we have an example of that kind...


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Yearbook Sale! Now is the time to get those yearbooks you missed! 2018 - $30 ea., 2017 - 2013 - $25 ea. Also still some from 2000-2010 for $25 but very limited availability - All first come first served! Contact Mr. Hill in the High School Library.

Russell Hill

6 days ago

Welcome to the new Morton ISD website!

Russell Hill

9 days ago

The new Morton ISD website will be launching this weekend!

Russell Hill

10 days ago

Because of the storm last night, we are experiencing a disruption in internet and phone service. We hope to have it restored soon. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Morton Schools

13 days ago

Morton Schools new webpage is coming soon!

Morton Schools

26 days ago