StayALERT School Safety Program Recognizes Morton

StayALERT School Safety Program Recognizes Morton ISD Principal, Rina Ramos for Her Idea to Promote Safety

On behalf of Ms. Ramos’ efforts, the StayALERT School Safety Program will contribute $1,000 to Morton ISD’s safety and security. The district will be awarded discretionary dollars to help improve safety at Morton ISD.


StayALERT is a bilingual, confidential website, email, phone and texting resource for students, staff, parents and community members to report safety concerns, such as bullying, vandalism, suicide, drugs, weapons and more. This spring, StayALERT ran a campaign in which district students and staff were challenged to propose a solution to address a prevalent safety issue at their district. Through the campaign, StayALERT received safety initiatives from across the state, and Morton ISD principal Rina Ramos earned the Platinum Award.

Ramos’ safety plan consisted of a “safety group [which] would be made up of students who want[ed] to combat bullying and promote safety and inclusion at [their] school.”

Along with the $1,000 awarded to Morton ISD for district safety, Rina Ramos will be presented with a $125 personal Amazon gift card and a wireless StayALERT charger in honor of her idea to bring safety to Morton ISD.

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