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Morton ISD Enrichment Program

Program Lead:

JayCee Mclendon

JayCee has been an employee of Morton ISD for five years.

Lohah Goals:

100% of students in the LOHAH program show 10% academic gains in Reading on EOY State.

  1. Process: We will provide academic support for students with learning gaps created by COVID-19 through high-quality tutoring

  2. Outcome: Students will show 6% growth within the program within the SY 22-23

  3. Fidelity: Provide academic enrichment aligned to student interest within the program

jaycee.mclendon@mortonisd.net, or by calling (806) 266-5505.

Lohah Steering Committee

Project Manager - JayCee McLendon

Elementary Principal - Holly Boggs

RSSP - Dwenette Stephenson

School Day Teacher - Shannon Prieto

Enrichment Teacher - Ariana Lopez

Parent - Sonnya Morin

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