TSI Accuplacer will be scheduled once the last 5 students complete the pre-assessment.

Financial Aid -- FAFSA--Oct. 26th

Representatives from South Plains College financial aid office will be here from 9:00 to 3:00.

They will work with every senior to get started on their FAFSA. It will help

the process if seniors and their parents already have a pin.

This is a graduation requirement now. Students are encouraged to sign up for a specific time

with their parents so that they get the greatest help with this process. (Students should bring a copy of their parents 2019 income taxes).

Arturo Martinez--Dual Credit Advisement Oct. 26th (Time TBD)

This is for students taking a dual credit course this semester.

West Texas Graduation Reps--Oct. 7th 9:00--12:30/Juniors and seniors

Information, order form, pricing information, etc. graduation announcement, rings, and such.

-- West Texas Graduation Reps--Oct. 16th 9:00--12:30/Juniors and seniors

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