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District Staff

3 months ago

By Russell Hill

District Administrators and Staff
Karen Saunders, Superintendent
Tera Cruz, Business Manager and Human Resources
Teri Rohmfeld, PEIMS and Purchasing
Elsie Zapata, Migrant and McKinney Vento Liasion

District Support Staff
Jacob Cruz, Transportation Director
Roy Ramirez - Grounds Director
Eddie Akin - Custodial Director
Rod Cottrell, Technology Director
Shean Abston, Athletic Director
Holly Boggs, Testing, RTI and Text Book Coordinator

Campus Administrators
Regina Ingle, Morton High School
David Van Wettering, Morton Junior High School
Rina Ramos, Morton Elementary School
Natasha Newman, PEP high School

MISD School Board
Gilbert Sepulbeda, Board President
Glenn Lyon, Board Vice President
Leslie Willingham, Board Secretary

Board Members
Andy Zapata
Adrian Mendoza
Geno Cavezuela
Paul Zapata